Covid-19 Sick Pay Policy and Procedure

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As we move into Autumn and Winter, employees may need to be absent from work due to either being contacted by the Government’s ‘Test and Trace’ service, or, because they or someone in their household is displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

As Covid-19 symptoms are similar to cough and cold symptoms this may result in a large number of employees needing to self isolate.

Companies should start planning now how they may cover higher then usual absence levels as well as communicating to employees the process for when they do need to be absent. The attached Covid-19 Sick Pay and Procedure template policy is a suggestion of how a company may want to approach absences due to Covid-19. It is important that companies encourage employees to remain absent if they come into one of the categories mentioned in the policy, even if they are not showing symptoms.

Covid-19 Sick Policy and Procedure

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