Health & Safety – Competent Person. 16 Week Coaching Course.

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The Competent Person Coaching Course is designed to give individuals the key knowledge, information, and tools to be able to carry out their role effectively – and competently. Even if the business is low risk, the Competent Person needs to ensure required health and safety is in place. This has never been more important since COVID.

The course is designed to be practical so that by the end of the 16 weeks, the organisation will either have reviewed all their existing health and safety documents, arrangements, and risk assessments OR these will be created and implemented as part of the coaching programme.

How does it work?

The Competent Person attends 8 group coaching sessions (every other week) with Tracey McCormick, our health and safety expert (via zoom). There is a maximum of 4 companies on each cohort.

During each session, a different area of health and safety is covered. The Competent Person is given the training and tools to then go and draft any required documents (from templates provided) or carry out any actions etc. They will need to complete the actions to achieve compliance.

Attendees have access to their coach for the entire period to ask additional questions around the implementation as required.


By the end of the course, you will have:

  • A Competent Person who has the confidence and knowledge to keep the business compliant.
  • Required health and safety procedures and documentation in place that can now be maintained and reviewed by the Competent Person.
  • A business and employees who are protected when it comes to health and safety.


The cost of this course is £695 + VAT per attendee (2nd + delegates per business are half price)

Who is this course suitable for?

Anyone who has responsibility for health and safety (this could be the Competent Person, the Deputy Competent Person or a Director or equivalent).

What industries is this suitable for?

It is suitable for all industries and will cover the areas of health and safety that affect every business regardless of industry sector. However, it will not cover specialist areas (e.g., confined spaces, machinery), but additional modules are available.

How do I book?

Please contact Harwood HR on or 0117 439 0119 for further information and to reserve your place.

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