Nurturing creativity in your workplace

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A recent study by Dr Amantha Imber founder of Inventium has unlocked the secret to creativity, by identifying the 6 top predictors of creative performance in the workplace:
Openness to experience: Iclination to seek out and appreciate new experiences

Creative self-efficacy: A person’s confidence in their ability to think creatively.

Resilience: A person’s ability to bounce back easily from disappointments and failures, remaining optimistic when things are not going their way.

Confidence in intuition: A persons belief in their own intuition, as creative thought often involves tapping into intuitive, “gut thinking”.

Tolerance of ambiguity: The ability to be able to sit comfortably with problems that have no obvious solution.

Cross application of experiences: When a person draws on experiences from seemingly unrelated parts of their life to solve problems at work.

In the current economic times, more than ever before employers need to focus on being more creative to ensure their future success… to see how you can nurture creativity in your workplace read Amantha’s article Predicting the Unpredictable

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