Company Policies and Employee Handbook

Whilst not a legal requirement, an employee handbook helps create clarity within your company and can be a point of reference to both employees and managers. We can work with you to tailor policies on specific areas such as expenses or company benefits.

Policies lay out the expectation (from both employer and employee). A company can ensure that by adhering to their policies, all employees receive the same treatment.

Harwood HR will ensure that you are provided with an employee handbook which reflects your company’s processes. We ensure that handbooks or policies leave no room for misinterpretation, giving employees a clear, precise document that covers additional terms related to their employment.

The process

Once having reviewed the details in your employment contract that make it unique, we will talk to you about your intention for certain areas of employment i.e. sick pay, we then pull all the information together and enter into our up to date employee handbook template. If there are any areas we are unsure of, we will email you over a list of questions to ensure we only include the correct information. This works the same with any policies.

Once the handbook and policies are complete, we will arrange a time to go through the document with you to ensure it is 100% accurate and fit for purpose.

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