Appraisal/Review Process

At Harwood HR, we have a wealth of experience aiding management through the appraisal process – making it less about form filling, and more about the people.

We offer multiple programmes, whether it is management training with our ‘How to get the best out of your appraisal’ short course, or needing one of our experienced consultants to be part of the process, helping conduct appraisals in your workplace.

We help ensure that any appraisal or review plan is structured correctly to fit, and best benefits the needs of your business. Staff performance planning, done well, is not only necessary for good morale in the workplace, but also ensures that all staff are performing to the best of their ability.

We can also be on hand to help with any talent mapping you feel is necessary, post appraisals.

The process

We will help develop and implement an appraisal and review process to ensure best practice performance within your company.

Holding regular discussions with management, we can support them in ensuring each team member gets the most out of their appraisal – whether this is by providing an HR Consultant to attend face to face meetings, or just providing guidance prior to meetings.

If felt necessary by your business, we can also guide you through the talent mapping process afterwards – helping you get a good overview of your team and planning for succession, promotions and potential skills gaps.

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