Disciplinary Process

We can offer support and guidance should your business need to go through a disciplinary process with an employee. We understand that this process can be a daunting, perhaps new experience for many employers, so we can be on hand to help with the management of the entire procedure, or simply to offer advice as you require. With a complete understanding of the up to date legal advice on this process, we are more than adequately prepared to help you from start to finish.

We will ensure that the outcomes of the process are practical and pragmatic, fitting the needs of your business and personally ensuring we understand the issue at hand, before any formal meetings with the employee.

The process

We will work with you to map out the disciplinary process from start to finish, helping you to understand your legal responsibilities as the employer and the rights of the employee. We will talk through the possible outcomes and the implications. We will also manage the administrative element of the process, making notes and writing up formal minutes from each meeting or hearing (if required). Finally, we are also able to support you with a full template library of documents and letters for each stage of the process.

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