Grievance Management and Mediation

Perhaps one of the most important elements of any grievance issue in the workplace is how the situation is managed. It is important that the concerns of both parties are dealt with correctly, so as not to install deeper issues into the organisation.

We will work with your business to help follow ACAS guidelines on how to manage a grievance procedure, looking at the practical outcomes and their implications.

We are able to offer mediation as an initial step in helping to resolve issues within teams in the workplace, acting as a neutral third party during discussions. This would be an informal first stage of the process, with the aim of finding an amicable compromise for both parties.

As a second stage, we are able to offer up to date legal advice and documentation to support a more formal grievance procedure. Ideally, this stage should only be reached if a compromise cannot be sought initially.

The process

We will help provide guidance and support as soon as an employee raises a complaint, working with you to map out the grievance process from this point to a conclusion. We will ensure that the process is carried out in the way you would like, offering initial informal mediation, followed by more formal hearings as required. We can provide formal minutes and note-taking for each investigation or hearing along with a full library of documents available to support you during the process.

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