The redundancy process is one of the most delicate processes a business may have to, unfortunately, deal with. We understand this, and we are able to help manage the procedure from start to finish.

Harwood HR can help create a timeline, aid with advice on planning and ensure you have the correct, up to date documentation in place to comply legally.

We can also help look at other options prior to redundancies being confirmed, ensuring that the process is used in the correct way and the right time.

Part of assistance managing the process will include ensuring prospective redundancies do not affect morale and productivity within your team and workplace.

The process

Initially, we will do a consultation with you to discuss your options surrounding the redundancies, perhaps offering alternatives you may not have thought of, and acting as a sounding board. Once redundancies have been confirmed, we will work with you from start to finish, from the consultation period to the end of the employee’s notice period. We are also able to provide and advise on all documents used during the process, including individual employee letters.

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