Varying Contracts of Employment

During a period of employment there is a common need for changes to be made to an employee’s contract – perhaps due to change in hours or pay. We will assist you with identifying when a consultation period is needed, or if the changes can simply be communicated (with notice) to employees. Rather than rewriting a whole new contract, it is preferable to do a ‘variation of contract letter’, detailing only the changes being made, Harwood HR will ensure you follow the correct most succinct process for your business.

At Harwood HR, we are able to help with this process – completing all contract amendment letters required, ensuring the details are correct and sent out to employees to be signed. Right from start to finish, we can be on hand to deal with this very admin-heavy process, working with both you and the employee to ensure everyone has a full understanding of any changes.

The process

Although a variation of contract process can involve an amount of administrative work, once we have obtained all the necessary information from you we are able to take on board the next steps to take away the stress from you.

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