Employers onboarding checklist for new employees

Giving new employees a great onboarding experience is essential to their engagement and retention. Yet, shockingly, around 60% of businesses skip setting any goals or milestones for their new hires. And only 12% of employees feel that their employer has a good onboarding program. A poor onboarding experience can leave employees feeling uncomfortable, confused, and […]

Employee retention: How to STOP your best employees from leaving

In this guide we’ll delve into the reasons why seemingly happy and motivated employees might start eyeing the exit sign, and explore strategies, insights, and actionable tips to help you improve commitment and loyalty and navigate the challenges of employee disengagement. Why do seemingly engaged people leave a job? These are just a few of […]

Are post-termination non-compete clauses enforceable?

It is not uncommon for standard employment contracts to have clauses regardingnon-compete, non-solicitation and non-poaching of clients or colleagues whenleaving employment. Whilst non-solicitation and non-poaching clauses are legally enforceable. Therehas been some degree of uncertainty of the enforceability of non-competeclauses. This is due to the nature of non-compete clauses that often try to prevent anemployee […]

How to manage stress related absences Q&A

When an employee’s GP signs them off work because of stress, it can be tricky for employers to know the right way of handling the situation. Employers may have concerns about the impact of an increased workload on other employees, or if the employee signed off is suffering stress due to work. Knowing how much […]

The ultimate guide to Probationary Periods

No matter how well someone comes across in an interview, or how vast their experience is, until they start working for you, you have no idea how it will all work out. That’s why most companies offer a probationary period- It gives you time to make sure they’re right for the job and it gives […]

Employing young people and providing work experience – everything you need to know!

At this time of year, it is not uncommon for small businesses to be approached by young people regarding either work experience or summer jobs. Some older teenagers may also enquire about internships depending on your industry. But what is the difference between work experience, internships and employing a young person and the rules for […]

How to write HR policies for SME’s

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent. To thrive in this competitive environment, SMEs need to reimagine their HR policies and practices. But having too many policies for the sake of it can have a negative cultural impact on your SME. HR […]

A guide to hiring your first employee

Ready to hire your first employee? What an exciting time for your business! Here is everything you need to know from recruitment to hire and the practical elements of taking on staff. Deciding to hire: Deciding to hire someone for the first time is a big decision and you’ve probably been thinking about the benefits, […]

Do I need to provide ex-employees with an employment reference?

Employers are not obliged in law to provide references for employees or former employees (aside from in the financial services industry) but, if they do so, they are under a duty of care to the employer who is requesting the reference and the employee/ex-employee who is the subject of the reference.  Most employers take up […]

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